The ode to The Great American Stupid

There are many indie bands out there that never went anywhere, such as Desk. You’ve never heard of Desk (unless you got to this blog post by directly searching for the band, in which case I say “Hi!” ☺) and shouldn’t have at this point – the group called it quits a few months after releasing the album All-American Awesome.

Yet there’s something relevant at the moment off of an album that was produced in 2016 and released in May of that year. Something that American society or specifically the politically inclined may or may take interest in. Oh, and rock music fans – I can’t forget rock fans.

I crossed track #6 from the group’s 7-track album while listening to indie radio station Lonely Oak Radio. The title alone seemed timely and came off as a word of protest: “The Great American Stupid”.

A song released before the 2016 Federal Elections that’s fitting in 2018? Indeed. The song is aimed at the Dotard in Covfefe, now-President Donald Trump. The lyrics (which are posted on the group’s Bandcamp listing of the song) are below.

There are likely more noteworthy protest songs out there by indie groups… How far the tunes go depends on how well the number is put together and how much effort is put into exposure. In Desk’s case, not much was done but it is out there.

The Great American Stupid
by Desk

Can you walk this like you talk it?
Your racist hate is showing us
our true face.
“Let’s bring back first-class fascism!”
Psychopaths en masse

Fake hair, fake smile
Nice suit but no style

Let the lights flash
pay with fast cash
This train is off the tracks
Over the hill
Swallow this pill
All aboard for the Great American Stupid

How many times can we break down?
I need a new place to be sane
But your wisdom is not my change
Too many mistakes and
it’s permanent decay

Fake hair, fake smile
Nice suit but no style
Build them up, let them down
Watch them burn your house
to the ground

All these years of heartache
a generation of fear