National security violated, and that’s not a partisan issue

Can we stop playing games here and address an ultra serious situation in the United States of America at the moment? The national security of the nation has been compromised. Investigation and action are necessary to deal with the issue and that breach involves the acting President of the United States. That’s a factoid, period. There is no debate other than twisting the story to try to feed those in denial or those paranoid.

Denial and the prospect of collusion acceptance is furthering the nation into political  mire that teeters just above third world status. It’s funny how it contradicts the rallying cries of “make America great again” and “drain the swamp.”

Do you disagree with that? How things didn’t really happen or that they’re allowed because it would have been fine if a candidate from the other party had partaken in the issue? See, this is where you can be critical toward the media – the one that you watch and listen to, your hard right/alt-right element of the press – because bending the truth for loyalty toward a member of the US government whose political campaign encouraged the compromising of the United States Electoral System is wrong. And for me to call it wrong sure as shit isn’t a partisan inspired factor.

Let me further stress that: The Trump-Russia scandal is not a politically partisan issue. As I’ve already said, it is an issue of the national security of the United States.

The media (traditional and otherwise) does present it in a partisan light, though. You can find a girth of headlines on Reddit that shows it – where political party is tied to many a report, such as the notion a congressional representative said this-or-that. The party matters more than the person the remarks are tired to and stresses party lines and the political divide. In some ways, it’s understandable because while this rhetoric has played out over the past six months, the Republican Party has stood in solidarity with President Donald J. Trump unconditionally for the most part while members of the Democratic Party opposed. That – party line over all else factor – has existed for decades in US politics.

But when it’s national security at the core? Stressing party over people gets away from the key factor – everyone is affected by this, every American.

Instead of doing that (playing up the crisis and not the political element), the media and the politically involved are playing party-line and reacting to a scandal as if they’re all reading headlines on tabloids for sale on the checkout line at the supermarket. That in itself is avoiding dealing with the catastrophe and instead playing up to the media.

Oh, and if you’re going to take this as a sign Donald Trump is right with the “fake news” crap, you’re missing my point – US national security has been breached, Trump is involved, and while covering the action the media is warping coverage to give the ongoing feel of partisanship being a key part in this while it isn’t and shouldn’t be presented like it.

Let’s turn this the other way for a second, as it’s another bending of the situation by the media. What would be the case if Hillary Clinton had won the office of the presidency (with rumors and innuendo of Russian ties leading to the victory and following her after) and then evidence begins to trickle out that she had Vladmir Putin assist in helping her win the office of the presidency by compromising Donald Trump’s campaign as well as compromising the US electoral system? I that happened, you should know by way of what played out in the 1990’s between Clinton’s husband and congress just what would go on: Capitol Hill warfare. The GOP would not stand for this, neither would the media in general (or at least they’d be reporting on it in the way you’re seeing now – milking the scandal, milking the party angles). Unless politicians said as much, it may have gotten brushed off as a national security issue, but this would not stand.

Let me stress that: If Hillary Clinton committed collusion to win the office of the presidency, it would not be tolerated. Sure as shit not by the political right and I’m pretty god damned sure not by the left either. The political left’s reaction would be to hang their head or do a facepalm over and over and over again because of the sheer stupidity of compromising a part of US democracy in order to win the presidency.

This, the scandal playing out with Donald J. Trump at the center of it, is not a partisan issue… Unless you think other countries should be compromising American government in every which way. Oh, it’s already been suggested other countries might have had a hand in doing just that with the last election – but that came from the man who is at center stage as committing the crime himself (and can’t be trusted with consistency in what he says anyway)!

We’re a politically divided country; that much is for sure. Tax cuts matter more to some people than anything in day-to-day life, while so much matters to others that they are tied to politics and activist events / political participation. There’s Joe Average who stays out of it all. Those groups and so many others are out there and exist in US consciousness and we’re all affected in a negative way by the events that have led to this moment. It’s important that we find a common ground in admitting this to each other and moving forward instead of accepting things as-is or getting lost in the us-versus-them presentation of it all.

United we stand, and this country has achieved so much greatness in its existence. It’s being pissed away for the sake of personal gain of one family over the welfare of the entirety of country and the globe.

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