Right-versus-wrong and the ongoing gaffe of the Presidency of Donald Trump

I was not a fan of the last Republican president, George Walker Bush. There are plenty of posts in the history of this web site that show it. Partisanship and ideology were the key areas that divided me from the president known as Dubya. Partisanship seems to be the basis for defense of the current Commander in Chief of these United States, Donald J. Trump.

Partisanship, the political divide between Republicans and Democrats, has nothing to do with much of what is setting off alarm bells and upsetting citizens.

See, this is where I want to write about wrongdoings that are breaches of the presidency, corrupt wrongs that compromise the highest office in the land. Unfortunately there’s an element out there who don’t see that and who don’t want to see that. They’re aligned, politically, with the Republican Party and it ends there – you support the party or you’re the enemy (author note: That element exists among the Democrats too, be they rank-and-file normal citizens or the activist variety with great political involvement). This contingent is labeled the Blind Eye. Let me quote someone from Facebook that was stated in March:

Hey, he’s done more in three months then any other president. Stop listening to those moron liberals. They will be the down fall of us all. Trump is the one to get things done if only the liberals and foolish democrats would stop giving him a hard time and work with him.

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The remark epitomizes Blind Eye: Partisanship reigns and that’s the assumed motivation that drives critics. It also stresses how little is known by the supporter in this case – it’s not party line ideology that’s made people critical of Donald J. Trump. Party ideology is still in play here, but repeated ethics breaches, presumed corruption, elected-office inexperience, costly weekend vacations on a regular basis, isolationism, anti-environmentalism, anti-free speech (“fake news” labels toward journalism establishments that point out Trump Administration ills and pratfalls)… These are all labels and words but the events that led to this word usages carry so much weight. I didn’t even include the prime situation that sullies the United States of America and may have compromised government by way of it: Russia’s interference in the presidential election, which evidence suggests Trump was tied to.

Donald Trump is not leading America, he’s barely serving. My stating all of this might incite hostility from Trump’s supporters because there is an element that has bought into his rhetoric with more devotion than the Blind Eye. Some are hyper partisans and alt-right political devotees. Others are the emboldened white supremacist element and other hate-group factions / individual citizens out there. Hate violence has been on the rise with thanks to Trump and those around him who have their own ties to hate groups of various sorts.

Look, party ideology is on display in Congress. You can read about and hear about more traditional political clashes on a regular basis with bills that are being pushed and rhetoric stated by Senators and Representatives. When it comes to Trump, though, it’s from out in left field (to put it lightly). In fact, you can’t trust his words to be truth. Oh, if you’re on the ideological right, you’ll be keen on attacks Trump has used against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…it’s just the fact lies, mistruths and double-speak tend to be easily pointed out from his rhetoric. I’m say this calm fashion and not of someone looking for a fight: You cannot believe the words of Donald Trump.

It’s not right-versus-left, ladies and gentlemen. This is not the low point of the Obama administration, the Bush administration, the Clinton administration or presidencies before it. This is right-versus-wrong, and political ideology and partisanship rhetoric just puts a mask on it. Trying to hide it, distort it, spin it or ignore it doesn’t change the fact Trump is crossing lines and taking down the country in the process.

I wasn’t big on George W. Bush. The evidence is out there to prove it… And I’d take him in a minute over Donald Trump. Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Ari Fleischer (especially Ari; Sean Spicer is a disaster as press secretary) would all be warmly welcomed warmly by me if they were the ones replacing this monstrosity that currently owns the office of the presidency. For all faults, for all partisan rhetoric that I conflict with, they have been involved in politics and the various branches of government at all levels. They knew what they were doing and not just trying to do it all on their own via executive orders.  In fact, I apologize to them for making this comparison (Bush vs. Trump). It slights them to be compared to something this wrong.