“El Camino” by the Pretty Voices

El Camino (Pretty Voices)

Me and my girl are drivin’ cross the state
Gonna start over, with a clean slate
All that we own is in this car/truck that she hates
A ‘‘70 El Camino with airbrushed plates
She says slow down honey you’re drivin too fast
I pull her close and ease off the gas
It’s too late I see the blue lights flash
The cop says take it easy let the good times last

Palm trees and stars are reflected in our window
Ronnie Elliott is singing on the radio of my
Lime Green El Camino

Drivin’ over the Sunshine Skyway at night
Gulf coast’s on the left and Tampas lit up on the right
Out of gas and tired, guess it’s time to turn in
Wouldn’t you know the city’s got a drive in
Ten buck per car and they let us in.
We climb into the bed and settle in.
When the movie ends we’re the last of cars
My girl looks up and all we see are stars.

The stars and the sand are perfect tonight
The salt in your hair well it tastes all right
I love the stars and palm trees reflected at night, alright.

I love you and the bed of my car
I don’t have to drive we won’t go too far
Everything’s all right, when we’re here tonight.
All right!!!