Remarking on the 2016 Presidential Primaries

(Originally posted to Facebook alone for friends, I republish it here 4 years later — JF 02.28.2020)

I do have an interest in the 2016 Presidential race, but there’s a problem or two. I can tick off problems with candidates easily but there’s one thing that really bugs me: “I want my country back!” said by one person or another.

We’re pretty crappy with that, aren’t we? Wanting things more polarized than they are and taking a hard track to the right or left as “my” country.

I don’t want capitalism and business to trump people, I don’t want the Bible to top the Constitution. I don’t want warfare and torture to be presented as A-OK, while gender, race, and/or age shouldn’t mean crap with whoever holds the office of the presidency. I don’t want hate to be the key to securing support.

[ To cover a base: My Bible vs. Constitution remark is not an intended shot on religion. Faith and believing in God is not a crime, forcing one denomination on the masses and saying the Bible trumps the Constitution does create the issue. It’s loaded to… ]

I’m not posting this to alienate, I am posting it in an attempt to MODERATE. It applies to congress and local governments too. Putting people first (and I don’t mean corporate shareholders) isn’t such a bad thing either…