G1, gee whiz

So I got to the local T-Mobile store today at Countryside Mall. First time I had actually found the location of the store inside the mall (it kept moving). And what do you know? Launch day for the G1! Who would have thunk it.

While I didn’t toy around as much as I would have liked to with the HTC G1 as I would have liked (and they had 3 dummy models and one working model), there was one problem with the device that kept me on the fence with the phone: the keyboard.

Folks, those keys are not raised in any way – they seem flush with the rest of the device. While the bottom of the phone has been remarked as a hindrance to typing, it’s the keys themselves that seem to be a problem. I am basing this off scant use, of course, but also by comparison to the Blackberry 8700g’s keyboard. While having a large display on the G1 is superawsomecool and all that other stuff, that keyboard is a pain in the ass to type on.

Of course, in comparison, I didn’t like how ultra-compact the Blackberry Curve 8330 has turned out to be in person. It feels smaller — not just thinner — than my 8700 and squeezes the keys together even tighter.

I dunno folks. I dunno. I told the sales person, and I am honest about this, that i probably would have bought the G1 today (and learned to live with that keyboard) if I wasn’t curious about the new Curve / Javelin that is due out from T-mobile before Christmas.

We’ll see