This Bitter Month

Boring weekend with too much downtime and the end result is me posting a poem I meant to keep private. Yeah, Kate, you can get on my ass for being a morose m’fer (as you did last time 😉 ) but I thought this was good even if it was muy triste.

This Bitter Month

It’s been a month of absent faces
It’s been a month of anguish
Where years of truth were proven lies
Time wasted upon a gamble

It’s been a month of forlorn summer
Endless days and lingered mourning
Carelessness adorns the hollow coffin
A decorative symbol of triumphant malaise

It’s been a month of sight-for-sore-eyes
Her memory won’t leave my mind at peace
Her blue eyes pierce, they mock, they tease
Her smile’s warmth is now a killing symbol

It’s been a month of past reflection
Where anger burns and fires rage
Sentiment proves to be without merit
And devoted friends? Easily thrown away

It’s been a month devoid of remorse
For pity’s sake, I’ve been left alone
The long hard road, the one less traveled
Is a complication better to avoid

This bitter month shall endure onward
She dodges past and around the disrespected
Finding gratification in immediate surroundings
While sowing a bitter harvest she’ll soon have to reap.

© 2008 John Fontana