Uninspiring: Let Me In

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything rhyme-based. In fact, despite all the hurt and emptiness — I haven’t been inspired to write shit. Usually the hurt, the pain, the anguish, the longing… It all drives me to write. It (or usually the source of everything inside) becomes a muse. I’ve had some great muses in my time (I’m talking people here, not instances of anguish) where the longing was what drove me to scrawl out lines of internal conflict and what not. Three above the others. And one trumps all.

It’s odd, though, that Current Source has inspired almost nothing for me. Here and there? Yeah. But nothing profound… The only poem that I had written was months old.

While I like the rhyme and the declaration — which goes beyond the obvious call for someone to drop their emotional wall and let someone “in” — it was foreshadowing of sorts. A warning sign I kept ignoring.

Let Me In

Let me in
Let me in
I revel in your mysteries
But please, just let me in

I’m yours, I’m hooked, I’m stoned
But I’m on the outside, looking in
The door is locked and closed
Your heart’s a contest I’ve yet to win

But your love is all my answers,
Please, just let me in
Guide me inside, gently
Clue me in so I can enter

At a distance, in the shadows
I’d never hurt you, let me in
Let me love you and build you up,
Never gonna’ let you down

So, forever from your doorstep
Oh darlin’, let me in
I revel in your mysteries
And ache to make you mine

© John Fontana

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