Powered Out

In what is going to be my lst entry for at least a few hours, I wanted to report Progress ENergy will be shutting down their transmission lines and power stations at Noon today in preperation for Charley…. It’s a means of keeping their employees safe and la-de-da

It’s a hum dinger of an inconvience for the rest of us but this entire storm is a humdinger of an inconvience for the Tampa Bay Metro Region. 600 thousand+ evacuees from Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties alone? Good god damn, that’s a quarter of Tampa Bay’s population.

The full brunt of the storm is still expected to hit Tampa / St. Petersburg at around 8 PM EDT….

Good luck to those who are also riding out the storm and god bless. Until we meet again, kiddies, this is John signing off for the duration….