A Reagan tells it like it is

The Case Against George W. Bush

Just like that, a country whose economy had been reduced to shambles by international sanctions, whose military was less than half the size it had been when the U. S. Army rolled over it during the first Gulf war, that had extensive no-flight zones imposed on it in the north and south as well as constant aerial and satellite surveillance, and whose lethal weapons and capacity to produce such weapons had been destroyed or seriously degraded by UN inspection teams became, in Mr. Bush’s words, “a threat of unique urgency” to the most powerful nation on earth.

I chose to quote that section of this article specifically because that is the still-infuriating case (for me) against the Iraq invasion: Iraq, being contained and under close world scrutiny, had suddenly turned into a indominable threat and we had to strike or we would be destroyed.

All of the points Ron Reagan Jr. made were ignored by just about everyone who backed the attack or backed Bush blindly.

Why did it take so long for someone to write a piece that speaks what was so painful obvious about how much we were lied into War?

Reagan’s article is a long read but a good one, citing the lies and deception of Bush as a case to get this administration out of office.

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