I’m thinking too much right now….

About my pager and the conversation I had today with Michelle who gave me props for the story I made mention of on here yesterday….

About Melanie’s new journal online – Which I recommend.

About the fact the Marlins just whooped the Cubs

About how Mike was pissed when he found out I got him a 100+ dollar birthday gift last month (even though his Birthday was in August) and how he started nagging me for what I wanted for my birthday….

About Glimmer Train Publications and wondering if I am wasting my time waiting for them

About the truth, about the lies, about the silence, avoidance, dismmisal… The wall.

About how Bill just dropped me a lien from my old computer, set up in his apartment in Orlando. Unexpectedly but pleasant all the same.

About how it seems Bill already has the blaster worm. Damnit.

About “Peter’s Problem” — the fact it needs a title and the fact I need to get my ass in gear and finish writing that thing.

About the fact that there are other things I need to write that could lead to bigger things — vague, yes, but a previous post I made that is also vague is part of the explination…

About how I had no idea what to write today except song lyrics. I never heard One Headlight by the Wallflowers but I wanted to post the lyrics.

About ‘Round Here:

But the Girl on the car in the parking lot says, “Man you should try and take a shot
“Can’t you see my walls are crumbling?”
And she looks up at the building,
Says she’s thinkin’ of jumpin’
She says she’s tired of life,
She must be tired of somethin’!

‘Round here
She’s always on my mind
‘Round here (hey man)
I’ve got lots of time
‘Round here
We’re Never sent to bed early
And nobody makes us wait
‘Round here we stay up very very very very late
Oh man, I said I’m under the gun ’round here….
And I can’t see nothing. Nothing. Around here….

That’s what I’m thinking about…..