Good day / Bad day

It’s funny how things can go good and go bad at the same time…. It’s funny how you are forced to live life as a groveling idiot in the Fontana household or have others make yourself feel like trash through their actions and they don’t seem to even acknowledge that.

Or your lack of abilities at the time they are most inconvenient are ignored.

I wake up early, after some problems things tart going good — just because of a ray of sunshine that showed up to give me a good morning… Then things get going fine, I get productive and handle some things I needed to… And then they turn to shit when I have to deal with my apathetic/indolent mother.

I don’t want to go into it any more and I’m a little peeved I am reporting it in the first place what has gone on.. I finally think I am having an OK day and those around me do what they can to pull me back down.