So it’;s Tuesday and I’m afraid to say I didn’t accomplish much today — though I had a productive therapy session with my therapist Bob. My mind kept going back a few steps and telling me “OK, you should move on and do that next” and yet I never brought myself to doing just what was being suggested of me (literally).

My mind has been all over the place today with thoughts and at the same time I think I’ve come to a realization but that remains to be seen.

So I DID finally get in touch with Lou Fisher. I just had to disable my firewall program in order for my email to get through to him. Hopefully I’ll use that as motivation to start moving my ass on assignment 5, yet I haven’t really gone over Lou’s last letter to me or the assignment that I am supposed to be doing. Damn procrastination and damn non-motivation. I need a dose of get-go or something in person to go with me through the next phase until I am able to operate on my own on the subject matter (shouldn’t take long, just need a push to get started).