Walk On

Yesterday wasn’t one of
my better days, unfortunately. Yesterday confirmed to me that I am in deep shit
with my health and that Monday’s appointment with Doctor
(you do NOT know how long I’ve been looking for a picture of him online)has
to be pressed for action with my problems. The only problem with that might
be Doctor Cahill’s passing last week and might swamp the Neurosurgeon department
at TGH.

But I’m telling you things
are messed up with me and yesterday proved it. I’m not showing you so much.
Showing you would just be telling you I’m having a tough time navigating around
a crowded house. Having trouble walking a distance..

Today was more confirmation
of it with more trouble walking around. This time, however, I was enjoying the
scenery and not moving around as much as I could have been. See, me and my mom
took a drive to Andy’s new place. The houses felt like they were built on top
of each other but at the same time it wasn’t as bad as it could have been with
the fact he’s got a ton of property behind the house. Also the pond that lies
behind the house is BIG. He could use a real tree in the yard though. Fortunately
I’m growing a couple of "real" trees right now and have tons of seeds
ready to be earthed

I didn’t enjoy my time at
Andy’s place (as short as it was) as much as I enjoyed where we went right after
we saw his house. We went to a little park near the Anclote river and former
power station up there and we hung out on a pier in the sun for a little while.
It was refreshing and calm for a mid summers day. Quiet and serene would be
another way to term things. I found peace on that pier before I stumbled back
to the car.

I’m still struggling to
write that non fiction or to bring myself to write it… My mind is also wandering
a bit here… Like dreamers do.