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Change and lack-there-of behind the bench in the NHL so far in 2017-18

It’s mid-December in 2017, just shy of the true middle of the 2017-18 season and there’s a noteworthy lacking going on. Oh, it is an on-ice failing but it’s not a singular player statistic or performance. It’s team unction and wins and losses. And inaction by the management and ownership of any NHL franchise.

There’s a lingering story around the league about poor play and it’s coming from a variety of clubs:

  • The abyss that is the Buffalo Sabres keeps treading in the murk of the NHL standings as it has for too long now. They have only 23 points in 33 games played as of this writing.
  • Discontent from fans and mediocrity from the teams stymies the Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers.
  • Rick Tocchet may get a pass by way of it being his first season as head coach of the Arizona Coyotes but the team is truly in the cellar with only 7 wins and 19 points total.

The Metro Division is a neck-and-neck race (with six points being the difference between first place (New Jersey Devils) and last (Carolina Hurricanes).

Suffice it to say, I’m shocked we haven’t seen the axe fall somewhere and a coach get dismissed for mediocrity or an abominable performance by his club. Continue reading

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Jeffrey Vinik’s Modus Operandi

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Honest….and unmerciful

For a very long time I’ve had problems with reading local newspaper reports about the local teams.   It’d usuall be Marc Topkin that’s rubbed me the wrong way — assuming Atlanta was Tampa Bay’s team in the early 1990’s, reporting personal favoritisms as fact with Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays (which seldom goes on today ) and is often proved wrong.  This has nothing to do with Topkin as a person, it had everything to do with how an “inside” story was being presented, or from the angle in which the facts were aligned up (that Atlanta Braves angle, which I mentioned).

This is an example of how the media sometimes gets things lumped on it for setting the narrative.  Stories that are carried, stories that are ignored, angles that are looked at and the “factual” narrative.  I’m not going to even try to take on the general perception of the media and news reporting, by doing it I open myself up to the same criticism after all.

The point of this story isn’t about that at all anyway.  It’s another thing I am noticing that hinders traditional media reports as well as gives a narrative that fans start following, the message that they start following.  It’s their personal relationship with who they are writing about. Continue reading

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