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Checks and balances and the lack there of; an open letter to Congressman Gus Bilirakis

Dear Representative Bilirakis,

It’s too easy for words posed toward one’s own elected congressional representative to be brushed off or outright dismissed with no true response or acknowledgment. This writer has experienced that too many times over the years, if not from your office then from that of Florida’s elected Senators. This writing is not aimed at those senators though. This writing is aimed at you, sir.

Let me be direct, sir: You and your colleagues, the members of the House of Representatives, are being complacent in your position as helping manage and oversee the welfare of these United States. That is playing out far, far too often under the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Representation of the citizens of your district is not on the agenda as-so-much political party solidarity and loyalty toward the agenda – as erratic as it is – of the Trump Administration. Continue reading

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Cut out the middle man, you fear mongers!

I read the following off Skyscraper Page — take it as you will:

Q: Why would Al-Qaeda want Kerry, an unknown quantity, as president, when they already have Bush, who so blissfully plays into their hands at every turn?

A: Because Al Qaeda never said this. The Republicans are the only ones saying it. They always preface such statements with “It’s my opinion that…”, or “I believe that…”. Net result: the general public hears “Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win”, and God forbid we should do anything to appease Al Qaeda! Then the terr-rists win!

I think they should just cut out the middle man and start saying they believe if elected, Kerry himself will fly a plane into the Capitol.

In fact, that could be a great new angle: he’s one of those crazy Vietnam vets. They’re always having nervous breakdowns and flashbacks. Can we really trust him? He’s already delusional and believes that he was a hero who won some medals. Bush never went through that trauma, so he’s fresh and stable!

C’mon, Rove: are you reading this?

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