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Right-versus-wrong and the ongoing gaffe of the Presidency of Donald Trump

I was not a fan of the last Republican president, George Walker Bush. There are plenty of posts in the history of this web site that show it. Partisanship and ideology were the key areas that divided me from the president known as Dubya. Partisanship seems to be the basis for defense of the current Commander in Chief of these United States, Donald J. Trump.

Partisanship, the political divide between Republicans and Democrats, has nothing to do with much of what is setting off alarm bells and upsetting citizens. Continue reading

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It's a Horrible Life

Courtesy of Current’s SuperNews:

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Tragedy, leadership and eloquence

With the massacre at Virginia Tech, the United States enters an unfamiliar and yet unforgotten territory of national mourning due to a domestic tragedy. The senselessness of what happened, the blame game of what went wrong, response times, woulda’-coulda’-shoulda’ and the like.

And of course there are clowns, such as myself, who think past the immediate tragedy and how things are and will be framed by powers-that-be in the country.

Case in point, there was a compelling diary on Daily Kos that compares elected official responses at Columbine High Shcool and Virginia Tech. Of course you know the players just as well as I do: former Vice President Al Gore and president George W. Bush.

While there is some nitpicking (the President doesn’t name names of victims… not that they were open knowledge until the day unfolded), the one thing that stands out is the difference in eloquence and leadership in the speeches given. Two similar tragedies and two varying responses to the mourners and grieving communities.

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Megalomaniac in Chief

George W. Bush is now referring to the War on ‘Terror’ (which is a “war” against a tactic to begin with — not against a defined group, though the base of supporters labels Arabs as the terrorist boogeyman) as World War 3.

Yeah, that’s right folks. World War 3… Where the “Coalition of the Willing” are a bunch of weak willed countries that need to be paid off in order to support our efforts. Where our traditional allies have turned their backs because we’ve started military action in a country that did not call for action against it…

In all honesty, this is another Crusade. Maybe the last Crusade. George W. Bush — who is trying to project himself as an elite ruler — is King Richard, who marches into the Holy Lands in order to try to free them (or make it safe for US oil companies in this case). It’s all glory, it’s all bravado and all for his legacy and ego. Meanwhile, back at home, the nation is suffering in the King’s “abscence”. While Boy George focuses on winning his war everyone at home is being robbed … Not by Robin Hood either but the numerous Sheriff’s of Nottingham.

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The real class warfare

If anyone hasn’t watched TV and seen the faces and heard the stories of people who have been effected by Hurricane Katrina, you’re fortunate.

If you’ve blamed them for staying in New Orleans or where they are — all the while being happy with how the Government has cut your taxes or happy that Corporations are racking up huge profits… you’re part of the problem…

You might have caught Kanye West tonight on NBC’s concert special to raise relief money for victim’s of Hurricane Katrina. If you missed it, Kanye said on air (before a hasty cut by NBC to Chris Tucker) “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Though I can grasp Kanye’s sentiment and where he’s coming from, he’s shooting with the wrong gun by making this statement. The race card doesn’t have to come out as-so-much a more observant look at what is gone wrong with this country.

The weak / slow response to Hurricane Katrina (to put it simply) represents how the separation the President and most of the government from the people (both parties are guilty of this at current). There is the aristocratic class of businessmen and politicos, donors and blind supporters that get top-of-the-line treatment with focus on issues that are concerns of theirs (wedge issues that do not effect day to day life – Abortion, gay marriage, FCC decency standards, etc) while the issues that effect the general populous (being of any race, creed or color) get ignored. Infrastructure is falling apart in the US, schools are in atrocious conditions, health care and insurance are domineered by for-profit corporate interests that keeps people from protection and medical care they need. Poverty is on the rise (and has been the last 4 years) yet you are told a rosie economic picture from the government or talking head economists because the only thing that matters is the statistics or the investor class… Not the people working, not the pay rates of the blue collar class. Not the fact minimum wage has not been raised for 8 years. Just profit margins.

I don’t think it’s a black-and-white thing that Kanye said (and other African Americans are going to agree with) as-so-much a rich-vs-poor thing. Aristocrats-vs-commoners thing. Many of us commoners can’t even begin to comprehend how bad poverty is… You can hear it anyplace they talk about the tragedy that is New Orleans: “They should have gotten out! They should have gotten to Superdome, they should have… they should have…” We can assign blame but we can’t understand the logic. We can assign blame but we can’t grasp their lives. We can assign blame but many of us would take the same route in our suburban homes that these people did in their urban apartments and houses.

We truly don’t understand shit with regards to poverty and the plight of the working class if we’re going to keep allowing corporate interests and special interests to control the country with their interests at heart, not the interests of the citizens of the United States. I don’t believe Bush can grasp what the common person suffers. I could never believe John Kerry (or Hillary Clinton) would be able to comprehend it either, or Al Gore… It’s the same-old aristocrat class that is so out of touch with America that we suffer at their ineptitude.

In fact we’re dying because of their out-of-touch status.

Kanye’s blast at Bush is a blast at the fact the government has turned a blind eye on these people — and they’ll continue to do so from both parties unless we wise up and vote with our heads… We need leadership in this country, and we’re not going to get it from someone who doesn’t understand what it is to live among the people.

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High Treason

There’s a report out saying Karl Rove is the leak in the Valerie Plume case… This makes Rove guilty of High Treason for revealing a CIA Operative’s identify.

Who wants to bet George W. Bush signs a Presidential Pardon soon after and then Rove goes off into the private sector?

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It’s occured to me a lot the last few days that it’s been almost exactly a year since I went under the knife… The difference a year makes is immense in so many ways and yet the more things have improved, the more they stay the same with various faccets of my life.

Today we had somewhere around 20 people over for dinner… well, 20 people would be a few too many but it fluctuated in the teens all afternoon. Uncle’s, my aunt, my cousin and her daughter, my younger brother (while Mike skipped out on things) and other family friends. It was a great get-together for the most part and I had a lot of fun with things.

I brought up what I am thankful for (“That I’m not lying in a hospital bed this year.” ) to a round of applause and through the liquor and the laughter I easily forgot where I was a year ago today or what I suffered through at the time (no, not surgery — watching George W. Bush and his faux visit to Iraq).

But someone had to ruin the day for me.

It wasn’t family – though their reaction did indeed bother me. It wasn’t friends of the family – though I notably started acting strange when some people showed up. No, it was the fact certain people turned up with both their kids in tote that I had problems with. I mean MAJOR problems. It basically ruined the evening for me….

The family pretty much embraced them and that made me further angry — as someone who has opened his arms after being stepped on and then gotten stepped on again, I couldn’t stand to watch this train wreck in action.

Speaking of train wrecks, I was happy to see Kylie was walking. Kylie being my cousin Amber’s daughter. I had gotten very upset during her first birthday party when I saw not only was she not walking but she looked like she wasn’t nearly ready for it. I’m glad I’ve been proved wrong on that one.

So… To summarize — a year later I am in good spiriits. I’m not wasting away in a hospital bed with only a friend at my side and a Subway sandwitch to eat. I’m happy I am spending time with my family and out and about… I’m thankful that I’m not having nightmares of someone’s blog or having Christmas Cards thrown out…

I’m thankful….

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Debate Bushism's

First, there was a country….

Then there was a singular turned into a plural

George W. Bush — single handedly keeping Drinking-Games alive with the slip of the tongue…

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"Dead or Alive" as to "Contained"?

How can the President, knowing that Osama Bin Laden has worked with limited resources in the third world and orchestrated the most heinious attacks on the United States of America, tell the American people that Osama Bin Laden was “contained” as he did last night during the debates? Osama runs free along the Afghan and Pakistan border and his Al Qaeda network is alive and well around the world and yet the word “contained” is being used to describe this grease fire?

This is an insult to anyone who lost a loved one on September 11th, 2001. You cannot simply say Osama Bin Laden is “contained” and that American’s should sit back and accept a political description of the situation when, just 3 years ago, Bush was rallying the country with the slogan “Dead or Alive.”

To all those who say John Kerry flip-flops on issues — if you do not see the President flip-flopping on this issue, you have blinders on. If you can accept “containment” over closure, you’ve turned a blind eye to those who have suffered and lost because of Osama Bin Laden.

Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator and politically – he was “contained.” He had no allies to hide with, he was out in the open and the world had imposed strict sanctions against him. Osama Bin Laden is a rogue and he and his terrorist network are anything but contained.

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Cut out the middle man, you fear mongers!

I read the following off Skyscraper Page — take it as you will:

Q: Why would Al-Qaeda want Kerry, an unknown quantity, as president, when they already have Bush, who so blissfully plays into their hands at every turn?

A: Because Al Qaeda never said this. The Republicans are the only ones saying it. They always preface such statements with “It’s my opinion that…”, or “I believe that…”. Net result: the general public hears “Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win”, and God forbid we should do anything to appease Al Qaeda! Then the terr-rists win!

I think they should just cut out the middle man and start saying they believe if elected, Kerry himself will fly a plane into the Capitol.

In fact, that could be a great new angle: he’s one of those crazy Vietnam vets. They’re always having nervous breakdowns and flashbacks. Can we really trust him? He’s already delusional and believes that he was a hero who won some medals. Bush never went through that trauma, so he’s fresh and stable!

C’mon, Rove: are you reading this?

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Don't worry, George, you have Tonga in your pocket

I came across a site that posses the question, “What if the world could cast their vote for US President”…

Beta Vote

The only countries in the world that are clearly in George W. Bush’s favor are Afghanistan (52 percent to 48), the Faroe Islands (where?) with a 40 point lead on Kerry, and Tonga (4 votes to two :tongue)…

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Moral Cowardice

One of the strongest pieces I have seen that outlines the key weakness of a certain political figure was posted by Josh Micah Marshall the other day, having to do with the president’s moral cowardice….

The stubborn refusal ever to change course, which the president tries to pass off as a sign of leadership or devotion to principle, is actually an example of his cowardice.

For the same reasons, he runs from soldiers’ funerals like they were burying victims of the plague — because it’s the easy way out. If there’s a problem, he denies it or finds someone else to take the fall for him.

Everyone has these tendencies in their measure. No one is perfect. But they define George W. Bush.

The same sort of moral cowardice that led him to support the Vietnam war but decide it wasn’t for him, run companies into the ground and let others pay the bill, play gutter politics but run for the hills when someone asks him to say it to their face, those are the same qualities that led the president to lie the country into war, fail to prepare for the aftermath and then refuse to take responsibility for any of it when the bill started to come due.

Thanks to Jon at Lies.com who’s post I originally found out about this from.

The most scary thing about this cowardice is that i have seen it before – though I had thought originally it was tap dancing around issues, that wasn’t the truth (though that plays a part in this) to it — it’s blindly seeing it yoru way and playing the spin so you can accept the lie as truth… It defines many Americans, sadly.

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A Reagan tells it like it is

The Case Against George W. Bush

Just like that, a country whose economy had been reduced to shambles by international sanctions, whose military was less than half the size it had been when the U. S. Army rolled over it during the first Gulf war, that had extensive no-flight zones imposed on it in the north and south as well as constant aerial and satellite surveillance, and whose lethal weapons and capacity to produce such weapons had been destroyed or seriously degraded by UN inspection teams became, in Mr. Bush’s words, “a threat of unique urgency” to the most powerful nation on earth.

I chose to quote that section of this article specifically because that is the still-infuriating case (for me) against the Iraq invasion: Iraq, being contained and under close world scrutiny, had suddenly turned into a indominable threat and we had to strike or we would be destroyed.

All of the points Ron Reagan Jr. made were ignored by just about everyone who backed the attack or backed Bush blindly.

Why did it take so long for someone to write a piece that speaks what was so painful obvious about how much we were lied into War?

Reagan’s article is a long read but a good one, citing the lies and deception of Bush as a case to get this administration out of office.

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Republican Pledge of Allegiance?

Heh… I’ve got too much spare time…..

(as inspired by George W. Bush’s 4 years in office)

I pledge allegiance
To the Man
Who bankrupt the Enron Corporation
And to the Bush Administration with world domination plans
An abomination, Oh dear God
Politically divisible
With treachery and greed for all

by John Fontana


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Are Blogs part of the reason America is polarized?

Just a thought here —

You can come across many a left-leaning blog on the Internet, putting down the President, talking the Truths to the war, hatching conspiracy theories on Joe Wilson and his wife’s outing, etc….

But you can also find havens of Anne Coulter loving bloggers who think all the Left is doing online is lying and the Great George W. Bush is the lord and savior incarnate…. Instead of getting a clear political picture, you get no-man’s land when you try to find a moderate footing on the issues – that Iraq is a bad situation, that monetary focus would be better here in the States than abroad, that the Democrats have done little to try to moderate issues and have been weak willed in dealing with them.

Or maybe it’s the fact that moderates are slandered as either Democrats or Republicans when they don’t always agree with party lines?

Suffice it to say – I think blogs are just helping continue the polarization of America, but are a necessary evil in spreading both information and unique thoughts and debate…

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