Lyrical hopes and poetic dreams for the immediate future

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I’ve been going through older poems that don’t appear on the site, I’ve been going through a collection of my works over the decades . Things I wrote as poetry sure sound like songs (or at least look like them, and I can imagine melody to go along with them). I’m no musician though, no composer, or I’d try to put together a full song and get things on the market (not me as a performer, me as a composer).

I will admit right now that I do have a poetry/lyrical verse manuscript and am hoping to have a self-published book out in 2017. That’s still in the process of being honed out though. There are aspects I haven’t even explored yet with that, and those I have asked to review my work (as editor types) have yet to get back to me with any input.

All of that said, here’s an example of that lyrical-verse/poetry that I had a habit of doing in the past. It’s something that is not going to be included in the book as it stands, but that could change. I’d appreciate feedback on this too. It has been on the web before, when my personal home page was on Tripod ages and ages ago. Different title then.:

Her Love is That of Dreams

There’s a girl I know
Who’s life was a show
Who, despite all her ammo
Lived with mountains of pain

There’s a girl I know
Who was tossed from a bronco
Who was broke like an arrow
While the saddness that dwelled
Was too much to contain

Her heart
Is that
Of dreams
I’d love
To Share

There’s a girl I know
Who’s face is perfection
Lived a life of rejection
On the road to today

What more can I say?

There’s a girl I know
With a heart of pure gold
With so much to behold
For all

Her love
Is that
Of dreams
I want
To share

Her love
Is that
Of dreams

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