A thought on “…. as hell!”

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I can’t exactly say it only just occurred to me but a word-use factoid popped into my brain after playing up a view from a home renovation as “nice as hell”  The thought is that the saying has the potential to not be taken as a compliment / positive usage as intended.  We’re talking hell here; fire, brimstone, negatives,  burn baby, burn! A fitting use of the “as hell” saying is something like “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”

To use it as part of a compliment? A positive reaction to something impressive? It’s a habit of mine and in society in general… It’s also a contradiction. Think about it, it’s weird as hell and… uh, you get my point.

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by | July 10, 2016 · 8:49 AM

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  1. Off topic but I REALLy need to think about changing themes. Sometimes this one has a habit of having the title disappear because of one aspect or another of the title. That’s crappy as hell… (and that is a fitting word use 😉 )

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