FL-09: Roll over, play dead

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Dear Rep. Gus Bilirakis:

Congratulations! From the looks of things, Democrats have once again conceded your home base of Palm Harbor and Pinellas County. During this primary season, I have gotten more mailers (2) from you than from the three Democratic primary challengers (none). No signage was put up, no canvasing took place, no interest in GOTV efforts, no intention to help down ballot candidates in turning out voters. Are you listening John Dicks?

It happens annually – my district race turns into a farce where no one presents themselves (tactically or politically) as worthy congressmen. Oh, this includes you Gus, but you’re the incumbent. It says volumes if others don’t present themselves as a better choice than yourself – let alone their primary opponents.



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2 Responses to FL-09: Roll over, play dead

  1. ???

    Democrats always seem to have more funding then Republicans, yet I will agree that they advertise less in general. Interesting strategy to say the least on their part.

  2. um, Democrats always seem to have more funding than Republicans? Where do you get this information? Cuz that hadn’t been the truth until the GOP became a sour brand in 2006.