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That being said, I’m tired of waiting for Trillian Astra to go to Beta or the official release. Tired of reading the development blog that updates too slowly and only talks about the technobable in developing Astra which goes beyond the average user (which I am)… And of course, I’m tired of Trillian 3 Pro. I’m ready for an upgrade.

This was originally due last year and at this rate will not be out until next year… Please, get it done. Get it done, gentlemen.

posted September 7th, 2007 by me.

Here we are now on August 11th, 2008 — just a few weeks shy of a year to the day of the original post I made about development of Trillian Astra.

I realize it’s a labor of love, more than profit, for the Trillian team and my impatience may not exactly warm the hearts and minds of said developers. But I worry, I worry greatly, about the future of Trillian if they are still fine tuning the software and can’t update their web site front page to remove a warning that was posted in March for a previous prototype build of Astra.

Two years in the making now… All while the major clients of various varieties (my blog software, WordPress; Firefox, multiple others) have been upgraded several times over that span. Of course, those are also open source and have a huge viral development team. Trillian is less viral and more product, sans the major development team.

I still ask to get it done, please. I have Digsby installed on my computer but it doesn’t do much for me. Trillian 3 Pro remains the standard. The outdated, unstable standard at that.

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  1. January 27th, 2009: Build 94. Still ongoing, slow development. Ugh.