Ignorance? Thine enemies name is communication

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How often do you draw conclusions with someone when either you are out of the loop or just not in contact with them?

You know, obtusely, some things about them but you’re not living their lives… You’re not that up on their lives either. You just know them and you sorta count on them to keep you informed.

I can go back years and cite instances where I got upset nto knowing what the deal was and not being included. Not being kept in the know. The mind races to try to understand all the things that could have happened. Sometimes they are negative, sometimes they are impossible, sometimes they are better plot twists than ar eoffered by Hollywood screenwriters.

I had that happen to me just this weekend. You need only look over to one of my last posts to see me whining and pining. For three days I didn’t hear a thing until Tuesday when all wasn’t just right but good, great and fantastic with thanks to my “sweet” gift.

But how many stories did I think up from Friday on? How many excuses or reasosn for rejection did I have run through my mind?

All this just because of the silence… Just because I hadn’t talked… How often does that happen for the masses?

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