Current: Jesus hates coffee and absurd protests

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I saw this last week on Current before it aired on TV:

This brought back memories of sorts — cuz I had come across a ridiculous protest online in the past… I ended up commenting at Current about it:

This reminds me of the faux protests of Star Wars through the The Force is a tool of Satan web site. It landed on the web sometime before the Prequels started and has been a rallying point and a laughing point since.

I know that the over-consumerism in reality is a noose around our necks (suffocating us from truly enjoying the season or any holiday – because some SALE has been inspired by it! Or some greeting card, etc)… but a protest like this with an animate pastor/reverend who seems like a caricature of TV Evangelicals everywhere? Laughing point, not rallying point.

That’s just me though.

So what’s the hubub? Current contacted me yesterday and asked if they could read my comment on air. W00t! That will be (I THINK) 2:26 PM this afternoon.

Edit: Didn’t air at the 2:26 PM airing. Maybe later today?

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