Tragedy, leadership and eloquence

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With the massacre at Virginia Tech, the United States enters an unfamiliar and yet unforgotten territory of national mourning due to a domestic tragedy. The senselessness of what happened, the blame game of what went wrong, response times, woulda’-coulda’-shoulda’ and the like.

And of course there are clowns, such as myself, who think past the immediate tragedy and how things are and will be framed by powers-that-be in the country.

Case in point, there was a compelling diary on Daily Kos that compares elected official responses at Columbine High Shcool and Virginia Tech. Of course you know the players just as well as I do: former Vice President Al Gore and president George W. Bush.

While there is some nitpicking (the President doesn’t name names of victims… not that they were open knowledge until the day unfolded), the one thing that stands out is the difference in eloquence and leadership in the speeches given. Two similar tragedies and two varying responses to the mourners and grieving communities.

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