Palm Harbor Ale House — Gone!

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Our lease was up some it was a business decision. Please try us at
STPete or Brandon or Tampa.

Thank you for your patronage!

That was it. In a short, snappy, out-of-the-way-but-we’re-ok explanation, someone at Miller’s Ale House let me know why their Palm Harbor location (near Coral Landings shopping center) was closed and boarded up.

Palm Harbor Ale House has been the neighborhood gathering place for teens, young adults, sports fans and just those hungry for some grub. It’s been that way since it opened about 15 years ago.

It’s an icon of sorts, and it’s gone now… My favorite local eatery is gone and all they can suggest is I drive 20 miles to their nearest restaurants. Bah.

You can email Miller’s Ale House here to complain about them closing up shop in Palm Harbor.


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3 Responses to Palm Harbor Ale House — Gone!

  1. Kevin

    According to nearby establishments, the Palm Harbor Ale House was repeatedly cited for underage drinking and shut down.

  2. Kevin — “nearby establishments” are the key words there. Ale House was a competitor to them and whatever got them out of town was good enough… The rumors and stories of various lights have been swirling since the closure did happen.

    The problem is — Miller’s Ale House (Palm Harbor Ale House’s real name) is a chain restaurant with good standing in the state. If there were repeated citations for underaged drinking — the executives managing the franchise would have made managerial changes at Ale House.

    The truth is that a 15 year lease expired and Miller’s Ale House didn’t renew.