The most powerful ad of the campaign season

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You know, there are ads out there right now that can be looked at as low blows. There are ads out there that can be looked at from either side of the fray as “the truth”.

Lemme submit another one to you — Michael J. Fox:

If you’re like me — you grew up with Michael J. Fox as a hero. Marty McFly, Alex P. Keaton, Brantley Foster and all his roles from there on in. This one ad showing how bad his Parkinsons condition is getting puts every attack, slander and general mudslinging ad to shame.

You can’t look past something like this… You just can’t.


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3 Responses to The most powerful ad of the campaign season

  1. Chris

    How could anyone ignor this ad!!
    Very moving!!

  2. Mel

    the ads here are simply ridiculous. they are getting extremely personal. these politians are nuts.

    but ya i loved michael j fox and i wish he didn’t have to deal with such a disease.