K.I.S.S. Laptops

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What’s the deal with new laptops being packed with as much shit as desktop computers?

How come there isn’t a line of laptops with basic stuff — maybe 1 GHz of processing power, a gigabyte of RAM (because you want applications to work quickly and a fast proccessor won’t do it alone), a small hard drive (6-20 Gigabytes), wireless access, a nice screen size, etc?

Notebook computers weren’t originally designed to have everything and anything on them but they’re becoming that way. For some of us who want mobiel processing power — they’re starting to have too much while we’re only looking for certain essentials while on the go.

And before anyone suggests that people just by used or refurbished (or off lease) — remember that in most of those cases, you can’t get a fresh battery with the device or one guaranteed to hold a charge.

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