Bigotry against Hearing Impaired: Performance Computer Group of Tampa

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What decade do we live in? The 1950’s or the 2000’s?

I’ve got a laptop computer I basically can’t use not because it’s not in working order but because it doesn’t have the capablity to do what I need it to do and thus it makes the machine expendable. I’ve been looking for a way to move the laptop without losing a ton of money on the deal.

I looked on the Tampa Tribune‘s website and through their classified ads in an effort to look through the Laptop market and see if anyone was trying to purchase laptop computers in Tampa. I found which is operated by Performance Computer Group. They’ve got a shop on Dale Maybry and they say that they buy used laptops – working or not.

I figured to call them up and see how much I could get for my machine… A phone call isn’t such a painful thing after all. Even if it is Voice Carry Over through the Florida Telecommunications Relay Service.

So I called up Performance Computer Group of Tampa — three ring slater a man picks up and the text that comes across my TDD phone reads thus:

“Uh, we don’t do any Relay calls. OK, thank you.”


Some people don’t get what a Relay call is… It’s when someone deaf is calling you through a carry over service. It is not an excuse for you to treat a caller like a complete piece of shit. I’ve dealt with that from Bright House Customer Service and Capital One customer service as well. Usually I call back and get a representative that isn’t such a moron.

But in this case? The company just lost my business and came off like he was against the Relay system to begin with. “Why bother? Just some deaf clown trying to hassel me.”


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4 Responses to Bigotry against Hearing Impaired: Performance Computer Group of Tampa

  1. I’m guessing stupidity, rather than bigotry. I’ll gladly give them a call to explain a relay to them, so they will accept your phone call. If they still refuse to accept it, I’d be happy to write all about it…

  2. I hope it’s stupidity and not bigotry. Either way, I know it still sucks for you. Are they the only place in town that buys second-hand laptops?

  3. Melly

    That is not wrong John. You shouldn’t be treated that way, idiots.

  4. Hello

    I am one of the owners of Performance Computer Group and I want to sincerely apologize. In the last year we have been getting a rash of calls from people using the TTD system. These calls are from people trying to buy laptops with stolen credit card numbers. This is a known Scam. Here is more info about the scam
    These calls were happening so often that we just started refusing the calls outright. I understand now that is a failure on our part and I apologize again. I will inform the staff immediately that we will accept all TTD calls and if it tuns out it is someone tying to purchase laptops we will just let the caller know we do not sell laptops over the phone. My personal email address is Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any problems in the future with getting through to our store