In the Lap of Apple

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I just bought a Laptop…. An old one at that but it’s an atempt to move forward in the mobile generation.

And it’s an Apple.

As someoen who’s been a PC user since his old man bought one about 15 years ago, I’ve only had brief interludes with Mac’s. Not just that but I’ve had zero to no experience with laptops as well. I’ve wanted to try out laptop technology but I haven’t. I’ve wanted to take advantage of wireless access points when traveling but I haven’t had the chance.

With plans on doing Press stuff at the St. Pete Times Forum this year, having a laptop will be a necessity. i’m just hoping this little baby is going to work out great.

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  1. Davei

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac. I hope you get used to it quickly. I’m a Mac user and have never really had anything else. I would love to have a laptop.