Banking on a new bank

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It took me less than 28 days – less than the month of February – to learn that my financial institution being bought out by a Ohio-based banking company is a bad deal for me.

It took me less than a month to learn that 5/3rd National Bank sucks… Instead of dipping into my savings account on an overdraw from checking, it fines me 30 bucks and 6 dollars a day after. While ATM’s tend to already ream you every time you withdraw from an ATM not associated with yoru bank, 5/3rd charges you $1.50 per use of an ATM outside their network.

Suffice it to say they are NOT the type of bank someone like me – without money to burn – shoudl be using and I am getting my ass out of Dodge, so to speak. The question is where to go from here?

Bank of America? Wachovia? I have to go to one of the big banks because they have the most branches, I think. I don’t want ot get screwed with fees from a place like 5/3rd but I don’t know where to go – closeby – for my new bank account?

Southtrust? Suntrust? The search goes on but I am not sure at all….

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